Caroline Bergvall | Éclat

‘The product of a year-long collaboration between Bergvall and the designer Marit Münzberg, ubu’s web version of Éclat ups the ante on what can be done with a poetry e-book. The print version of Éclat, a slender yellow-covered volume,(…) the text itself was the byproduct, or page interpretation, of a walk-through performance environment that Bergvall had developed the previous year. This Acrobat version is the first in our series to use color as a central component, thereby complicating the screen-to-print relationship and foregrounding the invisible DMZs of technological remediation, but it also investigates the very architectural borders of a computer text file, thus turning the once innocent ‘margin’ into a malleable facet of its poetic grammar (and the page into a frame of a flip-book). This document, a sort of fetish object in itself despite its immateriality, makes of our screens and printers vessels of language.’ (
Download the complete pdf-book here.