website for i.s.m.architecten

i.s.m. architecten  |  July 2010

website for artschool uk

artschool uk  |  November 2009

website for the photographer Alexandra Jasper

Alexandra Jasper  |  July 2008

website for the gallery Monika Bobinska

Monika Bobinska  |  May 2007

website for the artist John Reardon

John Reardon  |  September 2006
A calculated randomness is integrated in the design and the structure of the site, opening up new ways of viewing / reading.

website for Wild Gift, a show of live art

wild gift  |  May 2006

website for the comment art listing page

Contemporary Art Projects  |  June 2004
comment is a free, comprehensive online art network listing page. The different structural elements of the page interlock to denote this network.