Invitation Only  |  October 2010
Marit was asked to be part of Invitation Only ..., which brought together a series of book works, pamphlets, readers, scores that operate at the level of the invitational, instructional or propositional, as potential provocations or departure points prompting future action or enquiry. For the Sideshow Book Fair these works remained invitations only: they asked to be perused, used and engaged with as part of the live event itself.


Marit submitted dummy_book_2_1 to the Festival of Nearly Invisible Publishing which was part of Writing/Exhibiton/Publication, a month long residence at The Pigeon Wing by VerySmallKitchen.


Marit was asked to be part of THE DEPARTMENT OF MICRO-POETICS, a long-distance residence at the AC Institute, New York. Co-ordinated from London by VerySmallKitchen, the Department offered research into the histories and contemporary manifestations of micro-poetic practices, conceived of both as a form of writing and a quality and practice of invitation, economy and relation.

attached to

Live Art Development Agency  |  July 2010
Co-Director of Open Dialogues Rachel Lois Clapham asked Marit to be part of the (W)Reading Performance Writing guide. This guide comprises of syllabuses, manifestos, scores, personal testimonies and practical exercises, many drawn from resources available in the Live Art Development Agency study room.
Other contributors include Charles Bernstein, Caroline Bergvall, David Berridge, Rachel Lois Clapham, Emma Cocker, Alex Eisenberg, John Hall, Claire Hind, Richard Kostelanetz, Johanna Linsley, Claire MacDonald, Tamarin Norwood, Mary Paterson, and Simon Zimmerman.
A pdf of the guide can be downloaded here. Further a one-off hard copy edition of the guide is available to be assembled/disassembled in the LADA Study Room.

Merz poem | Homage Kurt Schwitters

Littoral Arts Trust  |  May 2009
The Littoral Arts Trust asked Marit to write / design a text piece exploring the different connotations of the word Merz to be exhibited as part of the Merzdorf exhibition in the Royal College of Art, London. Marit investigated the different nuances of the word, using quotes by Schwitters himself (indicated by a '' at the end of the sentence), fragmenting and rewriting them.

typographic exploration of a quote by Walter Benjamin

Littoral Arts Trust  |  October 2008
Marit was given Walter Benjamin's famous sentence 'It is more arduous to honour the memory of the nameless than that of the renowned. Historical construction is devoted to the memory of the nameless.' Reading Benjamin's text 'The Task of the Translator' Marit used the german 'original'
in red as the background, overlaying it with the french, english, catalan and castellano translation
of the same ... cut (make an opening, incision, ... OED) in horizontal stripes ... fragmented ... 'no longer means or expresses anything but is' (TT, p.80) ... installed on panels along the path leading to the cumbrian Merz Barn for the KS08 Kurt Schwitters and Walter Benjamin Kurt Schwitters Herbst-Schule.